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As my own corner of cyberspace, femlob.com primarily serves to keep track of the ever-growing collection of movies and games my girlfriend and I have purchased over the years, as well as the videos I've uploaded to DailyMotion and YouTube. It's also an archive of my writing on one subject or another, although I hardly ever write anymore.

So who is me? I'm Luke Gevaerts, a 29-year old guy from The Netherlands. My girlfriend's name is ommitted since it's already way too easy to stalk people in this day and age; I don't need you social-network-prowling weirdos crawling out of the woodwork and into her private life. As for my own social network activities, they're essentially zero. I don't use Hyves, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or any one of those privacy-wrecking monstrosities, so if you run into one of them with my name on it you can rest assured that it isn't me. I do have Steam, since just about every damn game nowadays requires it; I haven't created a profile, however, so don't bother looking me up. If you absolutely need to reach me, you can do so at lukegevaerts at gmail dot com; you can also toss me a PM on DailyMotion or YouTube, should you happen to have an account there.

As for what femlob.com stands for - originally, it meant to imply "Fear My Lack Of Beer". Ah, to be young and stupid again... Nowadays it doesn't stand for anything (as there's no longer a lack of beer), though I've read explanations ranging from "Freckles Meet Loopy Bums" to "Feminist Lobby". And yet people insist that I'm crazy. I could get a new domain name... But discarding something that's survived a decade of internet is almost on par with betrayal, isn't it?